What To Prepare?

Preparation Before Undergoing Chelation Treatment

  • All medications that the patient is taking should have been discontinued on the day of the chelation schedule, and not to be taken during the chelation days and 1 day after the last chelation day. Vitamins and minerals supplements, hormones and nutraceuticals  are to be continued and not interrupted. any herbal supplements are to be conferred to the chelating physician before chelation treatments.
  • The patient should refrain from taking alcohol drinks as well as beverages containing caffeine.
  • Cigarettes, tobacco and betel nuts are strictly forbidden and can  be harmful if taken during chelation days.
  • Water and fluids should be taken in sufficient amounts, 2 liters or more everyday, if not contraindicated, to ensure proper hydration, dieresis  and good bowel movements.
  • It is part of the treatment that the patient should eat a piece of banana in the middle of the chelation sessions and a piece of orange after each session.
  • Vitamins C or any other Vitamin C as tolerated 500mg 1 capsule should be taken 3x/day and multivitamins 1 tablet 1x/day regularly.
  • Bisacodyl 10mg 1 tabletcan be taken before going to bed if experiencing constipation and to promote a good bowel movement or take ripe papaya at night as an alternative.
  • Yogurt can be taken in the morning daily or every other day to protect healthy intestinal flora.
  • A mild form of exercise such as stretching or walking if not contraindicated and deep breathing for a few minutes is encouraged after the chelation treatment but the only  according to the patient capacity.
  • Calcium should be taken 1x/day to supplement calcium  requirement.
  • The patient should refrain from strenuous activities and stress, and should relax during the whole treatment process.
  • Follow-up, check up and laboratory procedures at elast 1month after chelation treatment.
  • Maintenance treatment is necessary as part of prevention or treatment process.
  • Maintain healthy balance nutritious food and regular exercise before, during and after treatment.

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